Since 1833 Valkenburg is a tourist town. The beautiful railway station invites many people to make a stop over at Valkenburg. They will discover the castle-ruins, the caves and the nice surroundings. Therefore Valkenburg is one of the oldest tourist towns of the Netherlands.

Valkenburg has the oldest tourist information board of the Netherlands.
Valkenburg is also called “Bath Valkenburg” and “Marl city”. You will see the warm yellow color of the marl both under and above the ground.

Valkenburg has many attractions such as castle’s, museums, and the attraction parks “the Valkenier” and “Sprookjesbos” (fairytale forrest). The “Thermea 2000" (SPA) and the “Holland Casino” on the top of the Cauberg are also well known.
Nice shops, restaurants, terraces, the river Geul, caves, ruins and many historic buildings are typical of Valkenburg.
Valkenburg is just 3 km from the camp site and can easy be reached on foot.